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ASP.NET training course will empower you to create database driven web sites using the Microsoft Web Developer tool. This ASP.NET training course will get you started with creating a local copy of your database driven site powered by a SQL Server database.


Getting Started with ASP.NET
  • What is ASP.NET
  • Visual Web Developer Layout
Understanding the ASP.NET Programming Model
  • The HTML part of ASP.NET
  • ASP.NET source code
Using Visual Web Developer
  • Creating a New Website
  • Opening Existing Websties
  • Working with Web Pages in ASP.NET
  • Help in ASP.NET
Designing, Creating and Testing ASP.NET pages
  • Specifying the design requirements
  • Creating the user interface
  • Writing the source code for the ASP.NET page
  • Writing a Financial Calculator in ASP.NET
Variables and Operators in Visual Basic for ASP.NET
  • Declaring and Using Variables
  • Visual Basic Operators
  • Visual Basic Type Rules
Control Structures in ASP.NET
  • What are Control Structures
  • The Conditional Control Structure
  • Working with Loops in ASP.NET
  • Sub-routines and Functions in ASP.NET
Objects in Visual Basic (ASP.NET)
  • Classes and Objects
  • Creating an Object
  • The Properties of an Object
  • Calling an Objects Methods
  • Event Handlers
ASP.NET Web Controls for Printing to the Screen
  • The Literal Web Control
  • The Label Web Control
HTML Forms using Visual Studio
  • Creating Forms
  • Getting the User Input
  • Using Textboxes
  • Password Textboxes
  • Multiline Textboxes
  • Drop Down Lists
  • Radio Buttons
  • Check Boxes
Form Validation using ASP.NET
  • Why use ASP.NET for validation?
  • The RequiredFieldValidator Validation Control
  • Using the CompareValidator
  • Incorporating the RangeValidator
  • Using Regular Expressions
  • Formatting the Validation controls using ASP.NET
An Introduction to Databases
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Storing Structured Data
  • Creating a new Database
  • Creating Database Tables
  • Adding Data to the Tables
Using ASP.NET to Access the Data
  • Data Source Controls
  • SQL - The Language of Databases
  • The SQL SELECT Statement
  • Filtering and Sorting Data using the SqlDataSource Wizard
Display Data with ASP.NET Web Controls
  • Data Web Controls
  • The Gridview Control
  • The DetailsView Control
  • Paging and Sorting
Deleting, Inserting and Editing Data
  • Updating, Deleting and Insert Data
  • Looking at the SQL Statements
  • Editing and Deleting Data using the GridView
  • Inserting Data using the DetailsView
Working with Databound Lists, Radiobuttons and Checkboxes
  • List Web Controls
  • Filtering Results Using Textboxes and DropDown Lists
  • Collecting User input using Radio and Checkbox Lists
Data Binding
  • GridView and DetailsView in Detail
  • Using Wildcards
Templated Data Web Controls
  • Using the List View Control
  • Paging and Sorting the ListViews Data
  • Displaying one record at a time with the FormView Control
Creating a Site Map and Navigation
  • ASP.NET and it''s Site Navigation features
  • Defining a Website''s Structures
  • Using Breadcrumbs to aid Navigation
Using Master Pages as Templates
  • What are Master Pages
  • Creating a Master Page
  • Creating a related Content Page
  • Default Content in a Master Page
  • The Master Pages Source Code Portion
Managing User Logons
  • User Accounts in ASP.NET
  • Allow Visitors to Create User Accounts
  • Signing in to a Website using the Login Control
  • What you see depends on your logon
Using AJAX
  • What is AJAX?
  • Creating a basic page that updates using AJAX
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For over 13 years Computer Tutoring have trained a wide range of web design, Microsoft and Adobe courses to individuals and businesses across London and East Anglia. Approachable and experienced trainers can help you to boost your confidence and enjoy learning.

To accommodate busy companies, Computer Tutoring can tailor the training so that the maximum benefit is felt in the shortest amount of time. For instance if a company would like help on how to transform their Adobe Photoshop images for use on their website, plus they need to alter an Adobe InDesign file and ensure that it is polished ready to go to print then we can combine the two. If you are not sure then just ask. An experienced Computer Tutoring Trainer can give you a no obligation call to discuss.

Computer Tutoring has trained people from many different companies / organisations. Clients have included: Argos. Walkers. Bokomo Foods. Home-Start UK. Smurfit Kappa. John West Foods. Europa Components. Humberside Airport. The Walt Disney Company. Royal Society of Chemistry. Many testimonials are listed on the Computer Tutoring website.

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