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Working with Children & Young People with Disabilities

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Online / Certification


This course is designed to equip practitioners with the knowledge to provide high quality support for children and young people with disabilities.
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About Artemis


The Artemis vision is to have high quality induction resources for members of the Children's Workforce and a learning community that is active in developing and sharing other learning content. 


The Artemis Board has overseen the delivery of this vision from early scoping discussions to  the delivery of a high quality workforce development tool.  Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands have supported this project financially and in 2008 Active Mind Solutions were selected through a rigourous tendering process to deliver an e-learning solution for Children’s Workforce induction.  This programme is accessible through a full featured Learning Management System which is accessible through the internet for participants from the private, voluntary, statutory and independent sectors.. 


Home Grown: The design process was extremely thorough and subject Matter Experts from the participating Local Authorities spent a great deal of time writing, developing, testing and refining the modules, and this process was supported by Active Mind Solutions and quality assured by experts.  The resulting programme bears tribute to this attention to detail and is a programme of learning that all who took part in the process are very proud of. ...

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