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The first formal hands on training experience in using lead comes in the form of the basic bossing & welding courses provided by the LSTA at their trainign centre in East Peckham, Kent.

Bossing and welding are the two most common skills used by today's leadworkers and these courses provide a staring point for learning these essential foundations of leadwork practice.  The two course easch last three days, but can be combined into one five day course.

Lead in sheet form is a relativley soft and very dense metal when compared to other metals used in roofing such as copper or zinc

Bossing describes the method in which lead is shaped and formed in order to suit an amazing variety of applications.

Although a relatively simple technique to lear in its basic form, experts practice and develop their skill to such an extent that the most complex shapes can be drawn out of a flat sheet without even leaving a tool mark on the surface of the metal and without any sugnificant reduction to its original thickness.


There are some details when fitting lead sheet that requires the metal to be cut and welded to another sheet, perhaps to protect where there is a projection through a roof, such as a pipe or chimney.

This must be achived without compromising the weathrproofing quality of the installation and therefor demands a high degree of skill and knowledge.

Lead Sheets are welded together by the controlled melting of lead rods onto the join to bond the sheets together and provide a homogenous joint.


Butt welding
Lap welding
Cover patch
Fillet welding
Incline welding & gusset corner
Pipe sleeve
Front apron
Welded back gutter
Saddle flashings
Half front apron
Chute outlet
Internal & external corners
Back gutter
Welded back gutter


Simon Wood
Paul Brewer
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