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Interested in helping others with their problem dog? 

'Compassion for and the desire to help others is essential in the canine behaviour counselling role but often forgotten'  - Dean Hart MCBA, MTGoDT, AABC.

This course is split into two key areas. The understanding of human counselling skills and an understanding and practical ability within canine behaviour. To achieve the Certificate students need to complete 3 compulsory units, to complete the Diploma they must have successfully completed the level 2 units and then demonstrated achievement over 11 canine behaviour modules.

Course Fees

College Certificate   Only: £260 3 Compulsory Units as below.

College Diploma: Subject to prior learning and prior assessment. Course fee is £1,300 where all teaching and assessment is required to gain the required level of skills and knowledge.


Course Aims

The Level 2 Canine Behaviour Counselling Certificate (and / or Diploma) aims to provide a realistic and relevant understanding of theoretical and practical skills of human counselling within the role of the canine behaviourist and trainer / advisor.

There is plenty of opportunity for the learner to explore, evaluate and develop their own needs to then be able to help others and for the learner to make a valuable contribution to employment.

This course helps to present opportunities for those who are unemployed, in work or wishing to return to education and maybe consider a springboard to enable the development of learning in preparation for career progression, starting a new career or continuing professional development within an existing career. 

The course has been developed to meet the needs of those learners wishing to gain  new knowledge and to advance their skills with a view to employment or expansion within within the canine behaviour industry.  

This course also supports the learning objectives of the Kennel club Accredited Instructors course.


Course Content

 The Level 2 Canine Behaviour Counselling College Certificate has 3 compulsory units of study and 9 compulsory units of study or completed assessments for the  Level  3 Canine Behaviour Counselling College Diploma.


Level 2 Canine Behaviour Counselling Certificate - 6 weeks.

UNIT 1: Counselling skills and personal development

UNIT 2: Using counselling skills

UNIT 3: Diversity and ethics in the use of counselling skills

Level 3  Canine Behaviour Counselling Diploma - TBC per individual

UNIT 4: Promote and maintain the health and well-being of dogs.

UNIT 5: Control and restrain dogs.

UNIT 6: Provide controlled exercise opportunities for dogs.

UNIT 7: Train dogs through basic training programmes.

UNIT 8: Handle dogs appropriately to enable them to work effectively.

UNIT 9: Canine behaviour influences and learning

Course assessment by:

Multiple choice questionnaire, research and production of a portfolio, practical assessment including role play and case studies.

Requires home study.

Equipment Required:

* Pen and paper for note taking.

* A4 Folder and paper for portfolio production.

* email address or memory card for hand outs and additional material.

* Access to a computer or ability to produce hand written work.

* Access to either books or the internet for research and continued study.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for:
  •  Those wishing to assist and support others in a canine behaviour or training and advisory role.
We accept all payment methods. 
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Exceptional service and student support where we don't just teach students to pass we teach them to excel.

We specialise in teaching mature students that wish to retrain, change their career or have been made reduindant.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals that are friendly, supportive and caring.


Canine Studies College
Unit C Dittons Business Park, Polegate, East Sussex, United Kingdom BN26 6HY
01323 482816
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