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A qualification in Pilates has many uses and applications. For example, it can be taught in a class or one-to-one setting, or even used by yoga teachers and personal trainers to expand the range of clients they can work with.

From the fundamentals to advanced methods, this YMCA-certificated Diploma covers incorporates a wide-range of Pilates centric information, including:

Principles and Fundamentals
  • The history of Pilates, including the various interpretations and schools
  • Breathing techniques used in Pilates exercises, incorporating lateral, diaphragmatic and thoracic
  • Principles of Pilates, including core-centring, control, precision and flow


Posture for Mat Pilates
  • Various postural assessments
  • Explanations and corrective exercises for postural conditions, including lordosis, kyphosis, flat back, swayback and scoliosis


Performing Pilates Exercises
  • Exercise techniques originally proposed by Joseph Pilates
  • Limbering/preparatory movements for the 34 Pilates exercises
  • Modifying and progressing Pilates exercises to ensure that less capable participants can still benefit


Planning and Teaching Pilates
  • Pilates lesson planning for all phases of a Pilates session/programme
  • Progressive exercise programming
  • Teaching and adapting Pilates exercises
  • Utilising equipment during a workout
  • Corrective and cueing techniques

With constant support from our dedicated support tutors and continuous assessments, we provide you with ample opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and abilities in a practical way.

The final assessments for the Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates include:

  • Worksheets: Principles and fundamentals of Pilates, and Original exercise, modifications and adaptations
  • Anatomy and physiology multiple choice theory exam
  • 12 week progressive programme case study
  • Lesson plan and practical assessment

All students are required to bring along two healthy participants for day four, the practical assessment day. They will participate in the assessment as class members.


The Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates has no formal prerequisites; however it is strongly advised that you hold a recognised Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification.

In addition to this, you should ideally have experience of performing Pilates exercises or attending classes regularly. This will give you a head start on the course and ensure your technique doesn’t impede your progress.

If you have never performed Pilates before it will be necessary to extend the home-study period and ensure that you are regularly attending 2-3 classes per week in addition to your core studies.

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