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Learn how to create, rehearse and deliver impactful presentations. Our 1-day Presentation Skills course focuses on best practice techniques for preparing and delivering presentations.

The Bigrock 1-day Presentation course will provide you with:
  • A proven structure for preparing impactful presentations
  • Best practice approaches for presenting in a clear, effective and winning way. 
You will be provided with a course guidebook featuring the core concepts covered on the course, with room for your own notes. The guidebook presents key messages in a highly engaging way, so that you have a clear record of everything we explore and your own notes. As you begin to apply your learning in role, your guidebook will be a useful reference.

Discover more and book your place at:  https://www.bigrockhq.com/product/presentation-skills-1-day-open-course/


Explore how to prepare you presentation:
  • The essential drivers of a ‘perfect presentation’
  • How to structure a presentation for maximum effect
Explore top tips for delivering your presentation:
  • Using body language and mannerisms
  • How to maintain the interest of the audience
  • Portraying your strengths and message

You will also practise preparing and delivering a short presentation in small groups.
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