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This course will equip you with solid all-round knowledge of using a computer and several popular software programs. This comprehensive computer qualification covers the fundamental concepts surrounding computers and their use, including the Internet, Email and IT security. You will also gain in-depth experience of working with the main Microsoft Office suite of software products, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access.

This course is suitable for those who use a computer in their everyday life, and who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in this area. 

On completion of the course, you will be awarded a Level 2 QCF - a nationally-recognised full qualification that can be used to provide evidence of skills and experience when applying for jobs. The Level 2 IT Essentials course covers everything you need to take the European Computer Driving License test.


Lesson 1 - IT Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Computers; Hardware and Software; Using Windows 10; Organising Files; Managing Files; Information Networks; Health & Safety; Lesson Review & Quiz; and Assignment 1 – File Management Exercise.

Lesson 2 – Word Processing

  • Introduction; The Microsoft Word Application; Document Creation; Formatting Text; Word Objects; Mail Merge; Prepare Outputs; Lesson Review & Quiz; and Assignment 2 – Word Processing Exercises.

Lesson 3 – Spreadsheet

  • Introduction; The Excel Application; Cell Basics; Managing Worksheets; Formulae and Functions; Formatting; Charts; Preparing Outputs; Lesson Review & Quiz; and Assignment 3 – Excel Exercises.

Lesson 4 – Database Software

  • Introduction; Using the Access Application; Database Tables; Retrieving Data; Database Objects; Preparing Output; Lesson Review & Quiz; and Assignment 4 – Access Exercises.

Lesson 5 – Presentation Software

  • Introduction; Using the PowerPoint Application; Developing a Presentation; Inserting Text; Inserting Charts; Graphical Elements; Preparing Outputs; Lesson Review & Quiz; and Assignment 5 – Build a Presentation.

Lesson 6 – Internet & Email

  • Introduction; Web Browsing Concepts; Web Browsing; Web Based Information; Communication Concepts; Using Email; Lesson Review & Quiz; and Assignment 6 – Blog Software Research Project.

Lesson 7 – Improving Productivity

  • Introduction; Using IT Systems; Selecting IT Systems; Reviewing IT Systems; Improving Productivity; Lesson Review & Quiz; and Assignment 7 – Productivity Review.

Lesson 8 – IT Security

  • Introduction; System Performance & Security; Information Security; Technology Security; Guidelines & Procedures; Data Security; Lesson Review & Quiz; and Assignment 8 – Write a Security Policy.
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