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This home learning programme has been developed to enable those working, or hoping to work, in the role of teaching assistant to acquire and develop a level of understanding and skills that will help them to do this effectively.

The aims of the course are to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills appropriate to the conduct of a classroom support role, and to participation in a wide range of classroom support activities.

As a teaching assistant you would support teachers with their everyday work in the classroom, so that they can concentrate on teaching. You could possibly have other job titles such as classroom assistant or learning support assistant too. As a teaching assistant you would also support children with individual needs, working one-to-one or in smaller groups. With experience, you may also supervise the class if the teacher is absent for a short period.

In some schools you could have a specialism to further aid your students, such as literacy, numeracy, Special Educational Needs or Music. Bilingual teaching assistants are often employed in schools with children whose first language may not be English.

There will always be a need for teaching assistants and the job can often be a more personal experience than as a teacher. It is also a vital role in the classroom, especially with classroom sizes increasing, there is a growing need for more teaching assistants. You will get to work very closely with children and help them better themselves, a very fulfilling and rewarding experience!

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NCC Home Learning aim to make the option of further education accessible to everyone, allowing you to truly take control over your learning by focusing on those who are unable to attend classroom or taught sessions. Our experience in the field of distance learning ensures that we understand what it is that students want so you can be confident that our course materials are tried and tested. With our flexible distance learning courses you can fit learning around your busy lifestyle, completing each one of our programmes at a pace that is convenient for you.

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