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This 16-hour language course is perfect for the complete beginner or for those who already have the basics of the Italian language and want to refresh and improve.

The entertaining storylines will keep you interested and motivated. You’ll follow the adventures of Sarah, a first-time visitor to Florence. From shopping, booking a hotel or eating out in a restaurant, with All Talk you’ll learn how to understand and speak a wide range of over 2000 Italian phrases authentically in no time!. It’s the perfect backdrop to help you learn, whilst at the same time practising and developing your Italian phrases and oral and aural skills to a high level. The All Talk method keeps you motivated as you learn and allows you to control your progress.  

The course is fully downloadable making Italian All Talk easy to take with you on your travels to Italy. You will receive an MP3 copy of the audio files which can be transferred to any compatible audio device.


With Italian All Talk you'll learn more than the basics. On completion you will be able to understand Italian and be understood in many everyday situations. It will give you the ability to interact with native Italian speakers and express yourself with confidence.  Your new Italian language skills will enrich your future travel experiences.

The course will cover:

  • Over 2000 essential Italian words and phrases
  • Practical Italian vocabulary for everyday situations
  • Development of an authentic Italian accent
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