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Aimed at Flight Crew and Cabin Crew who require wet drill training to be compliant with EASA part CC and AMC1 ORO.FC.220c2(vii).

Our aim is to create an atmosphere conducive to learning: relaxed, engaging, supportive, and fun.  Learners are encouraged to offer peer support and mix with other colleagues.

Course Overview:

This short course constitutes part of your initial training which can have elements of your own operator conversion course (OCC) procedures included. The sessions  are run by our own staff using our ditching equipment. We run  regular weekly wet drill sessions at Heathrow or Gatwick. The course furnishes all crew with effective lifesaving procedures and survival techniques for post evacuation after landing on water. Raft management, maintenance and destruction on being rescued are also included.

The course is entirely practical and conducted in a pool environment, with a short briefing poolside. Knowledge and skills are assessed through observation and as a minimum a floatation device must be donned in the water. All delegates must successfully enter the life raft from the water.


Key Elements:

  • Wearing a life jacket/features of the life jacket
  • HELP position
  • Physiological effects of being in water
  • Towing an unconscious casualty
  • Raft management
  • Passenger management
  • Survival techniques
  • Health and Safety
  • Hygiene
  • Survival kits and Equipment
  • Rescue Procedures


Our skypeople CAAapproved instructors are experts in the field of Aviation Safety Training and deliver wet drill training that is compliant, fun and engaging.

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