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 Home Prescriber - Our Homeopathic College's mission is to make learners realise that there is a viable alternative to the current model of health and sickness model exists.


The sickness model (promoted by our Governments, Corporations and the Mass Media) is based more on control of the sector to enhance profits and so focuses on sickness rather than promoting health. As with all mono approaches (the environment, agriculture, culture), we desperately need to change our attitudes to embrace a more holistic and diverse approach that recognises we are part of nature, not above it. The dominant mode of thought, economics and politics is destroying the planet and with it our futures. Health systems have an enormous impact on the environment in which we live, and so we should be looking at sustainable eco-health systems in the same ways as we talk about sustainable agriculture and fishing.


This course will cover:
  • Your motivation to become a Home Prescriber.

  • The basic Healing Principles.

  • The differences between mainstream and complementary medicine.

  • The importance of nutrition as the basis of health.

  • The therapeutic uses of nutrition and herbs.

  • Homeopathic Case taking.

 Useful Remedies to treat some common acute complaints.

  • Fevers.

  • Colds.

  • Coughs.

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhoea.

 What will you get out of completing this programme?


A personal development programme helps us understand our life as it is now. Practical application of the theories and concepts supports us in dealing with the issues, both personal and professional, that arise during any course of study. It leads to the development of well-rounded competent and confident adults who can contribute to our society and help heal not only themselves but act as catalysts for the changes which are so desperately needed in the world today. Our health is our main asset and we need to be able to look after it. We must defend our rights and not lose control of the choices available to us. It will also give you an opportunity to review your career plans and decide whether you want to take the next steps in becoming a member of the healing profession.

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CPH is the leading provider of homeopathic training courses in the UK. We place the most emphasis on practical application as the base to any learning. Our online E-learning course follows that philosophy. Uniquely our courses require students to begin to see patients early on in their clinical training.

We attract a wide range of students from all walks of life and different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. It meets the needs of those who live too far to travel to London , those who live outside the UK, those who lead busy lives but want something more out of life, and for those who wish to study but need the flexibility to study at their own pace. Students may continue their studies regardless of changes of address within a country or between countries. 

CPH combines a strong vocational training (which means that a career-specific, practical and skills-focused approach is used) combined with an excellent theoretical foundation that leads to a professional qualification in homeopathy. To understand homeopathy and become a successful practitioner entails developing an alternative perspective on health and this is not something that can be learnt properly from a purely academic training. Homeopathy is essentially a people’s business and real learning comes from seeing patients. ...

The College of Practical Homeopathy
30 Elderfield Rd, London, United Kingdom E5 0LG
0208 986 8249
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