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If you’re an L&D Administrator or officer or are looking for the perfect entry point into your L&D career, the CIPD Level 3 Certificate in L&D programme could be for you.

On this programme you’ll get valuable and practical insights into a range of L&D areas, such as identifying development needs, as well as designing, evaluating and delivering effective L&D activities. You’ll be supported throughout by a specialised facilitator from the industry, and you will also receive a host of other fantastic benefits that you won’t find elsewhere


The programme covers all the typical aspects of an L&D practitioner role, each of which is a specific CIPD unit. These include:

L&D and the Organisation – To be an effective L&D practitioner you need to understand the organisation in which you operate and the external factors which impact on it.

Identifying L&D needs – In this unit you will explore how learning and development needs arise and why it is important to be aware of them.

Becoming an effective L&D practitioner – This unit helps you to develop a deep understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by effective L&D practitioners.

Designing L&D activities – This unit helps you to develop the knowledge and skills required to effectively design learning and development activities

Evaluating L&D activities – This unit helps you to develop your understanding of the importance of evaluating and the different approaches that can be used.

Delivering L&D activities – This unit directs you through the essential stages of preparing for and delivering an effective L&D activity


  • in-depth support from your facilitator to pinpoint your specific needs and requirements
  • quality online learning designed for you to access at times to suit you, such as on your lunch breaks or on your commute

Special Offer

  • ability to become a CIPD Associate Member
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