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Aims: This course is designed to develop the skill level and knowledge required to qualify for the Traditional Intermediate Hard Metal Craft.

Objectives: The first section of the course is thirty-five days training and on successful completion of the training & endorsement, will allow the candidate to enrol on to the Register of Metal workers held by the LSTA.  A certifcate of competence will be issued and presented to the successful candidate with both the LSTA & City & Guilds endorsement.
Each canddiate must pay a registration fee to the Lead Sheet Training Academy that will entitle them to be formally registered, you will receive a personal Portfolio.


The course is broken down into 4 Modules
Module 1- 5 days: Soldered joints, External corner soldered, Standing seams
Module 2 - 10 days: Parapet walls capping, Welted cornice, welted gutter chute, Box gutter soldered.
Module 3 - 10 days: Pike jaw fixing & soldered cap, flat vented roof, Standing seam hip, Verge detail.
Module 4 - 10 days: Vertical wall covering with window, Hard metal cladding & Shingles, Dormer standing seam.

The course are flexible and can be done to fit with your work needs.
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