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Course content
The work area
  • Using toolbox, panels and menus
  • Opening, saving and closing files
  • Navigation
  • Customising the work area
  • Preferences and defaults
  • File export
Setting up new documents
  • Creating new documents
  • Setting up master pages
  • Using ruler guides, smart guides and grids
  • Inserting text
  • Placing text – incl. file formats
  • Threading text – flowing text
  • Import options – what can be imported
  • Entering special characters
  • Using the Story Editor
  • Tracking changes
  • Using Find/Change
  • Spell checking – incl. languages
  • Colour theory – RGB/CMYK/Spot colours
  • Applying colour
  • Colour swatches
  • Gradients
  • Filling and stroking shapes and transforming objects
  • Eyedropper tool
  • Formatting text
  • Size/leading/tracking/kerning/ indents/spaces…
  • Formatting Paragraphs
  • Character, Paragraph and Object styles
  • Importing and deleting styles
Working with images
  • Placing images
  • Using the content collector tool
  • Modifying graphic frames and their contents
  • Using the spacing tool
  • Creating in-line frames
  • Wrapping text around objects and managing links.
  • Master Pages – creating ‘page templates’
  • Auto page numbering
  • Creating, locking, hiding, printing
Effects and styling
  • Transparency
  • Feathering
Bullets and Numbers
  • Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Customising Bullets and Numbers
  • Setting up Tabs
  • Creating and editing tables
  • Adding content and formatting tables
  • Creating assets for use in InDesign and across CC
Preflighting, packaging and outputting
  • Managing Links
Online features
  • Publish online feature
  • Publish on Behance
Mobile apps
  • Adobe Comp
  • Adobe Capture
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Armada has been hosting training courses for professionals for over 10 years. We specialise in:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud, e-Learning, Technical Communication and web development applications.
  • Users of AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp and other CAD design products.
  • Technical authoring.

Armada is both an Adobe Authorised Training Centre (AATC) and an Autodesk Training Centre (ATC). Our technical authoring courses are accredited by organisations including the ISTC and MadCap. These accreditations ensure a high standard of training and facilities.

Armada is committed to providing:

  • Training of the highest quality delivered by trainers who are experts in their field.
  • Competitive rates.
  • A comfortable and professional learning environment conducive to learning.

Scheduled courses are hosted at our venues in:

  • Birmingham/Bromsgrove.
  • Bristol.
  • Reading.
  • Milton Keynes.
  • Sheffield.

On-request courses (one-to-one training or a course for your group) can be hosted at one of our centres, or your venue anywhere in the UK.

Armada Training Solutions Ltd
6 West Court, Saxon Business Park, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, United Kingdom B60 4AD
01527 834783
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