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Quality Assured Administration Management

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In-Person / Training
Ended last Mar 28, 2019
USD  4,000.00



In this program you will learn about...
Providing Skills for improving effectiveness of the Administration Department is the primary focus of the program.
Increasingly there is a need for the non-production departments to improve the quality of their services to internal users. Last 25 years have seen dramatic changes in the Operational Philosophy, Customer Focus, IT Tools, Standardized Management Methodologies and Knowledge Management. This programs provides the participant skills for Applying and Managing Implementation of these in his organization.


  • New Management Methodologies
    • Quality Assured Management
    • User/ Customer Focus
    • Process Approach
    • Knowledge Management
  • Administration Work Processes
    • Good Practices
    • Best Practices
  • IT Tools for Increasing Effectiveness of Administration
  • Knowledge Management System for Administration
  • Manpower and Motivation Issues for Administration Section


No. of Days: 5
Total Hours: 25
No. of Participants: 5
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Global Development for Training (G.D.T) to be the lead international center in training and developing staff, leaders and key people in the world providing the latest modern management

training tools.


Global Development for Training (G.D.T) seeks to provide a robust training base, deliver best services in training, consultancy, strategy which meet global markets need, relying on skillful diverse professional instructors from all over the world, resulting in setting a goal of reaching the highest levels of quality and creativity.


• Participating in developing new generation of manpower that takes their country into

new structured renovation.

• Active contributor, along with international, regional institutions and local communities to develop the training industry

• Support and contribute to pass the idea of investing in developing the human resources.

• Sponsoring self-development programs. Promotion of workshops concepts

• On-going training development programs, seminars and support specialized conferences

• Lead the integration between education and training.

• Support, Sponsoring researches and scientific studies related to training development.


Global Development For Training
DKP -Block 09- Office 02 , Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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