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Legal English Online Certificate Course - LELC - Level 3

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Online / Distance Learning


This course is essential for students who want to understand how to draft clauses of a contract and are struggling with understanding certain clauses in a contract.  The course, amongst other aspects explains what we mean by 'Warranties', 'Indemnities' and 'Condition Precedents' and how these clauses should be drafted.


This couse covers the following areas: 
  • an understanding of the basic  structure and contents of an agreement
  • an understanding of 'Recitals' to a contract and their application 
  • an improved understanding of 'Condition Precedents' and tips on drafting such precedents
  • have the ability to recognise the difference between 'Warranties' and 'Indemnities'
  • an improved understanding of drafting in simple English 
  • an improved understanding of how to draft clauses in a contract and the importance of consistency 
  • an overview of the distinction between 'applicable law' clauses and 'jurisdiction' clauses 
  • an improved understanding of the execution of contracts and deeds
  • an enhanced understanding of applicable law provisions
  • an understanding of operative clauses and a guide to drafting such clauses 
  • Boilerplate clauses (an overview), their importance and schedules ot an agreement 


Yasmine is the founder of the 'London Centre for Advanced Training & Education' (LCATE), an educational establishment which provides legal Education to students all over the world.

Yasmine Lupin provides reviews of each subject in this online course and you can contact her directly for any subject areas of concern. 
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The London Centre for Advanced Training & Education is a limited liability company which is accredited by ASIC to provide both onsite and online legal courses to international students. 
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