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This Accredited course is organised in cooperation with leading universities and is aimed at managers and directors looking to invest in the renewable energy sector, individuals considering a consultancy job and/or those who have to evaluate the benefits of adopting renewable energy technology.

Your Renewable Energy Management and Finance course lecturer

The course tutor is a leading sustainable design expert with a specialism in financial management in the renewable energy sector. Throughout the course, he will be able to provide specialised renewable energy knowledge and real-life case study examples based on his expertise project managing and implementing renewable energy projects in the buildings and infrastructure sectors.

Course programme:

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to Renewable Energy Finance and Sustainable Design
  • Methods of Financing: FiT/ RHI / ROCs / CfD / PPA/ ESCO /EPC
  • Project Risk and Financial Management
  • Basic Project Finance technical calculations – energy, economics, emissions, NPV, IRR
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and approach
  • Incentives and barriers to Investment
  • Government Policy and Support Schemes – UN, EU, UK
  • Project Finance examples
  • Practical International Case Studies

Certificate of Participation provided

Exam for Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) (optional)

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