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This course is aimed at those who require a practical understanding of carrying out arc flash and arc blast (often referred to as electrical flash-over) task-based risk assessment. The Risk Assessment process is used to determine what control measures can be put in place to reduce arc flash risk and if necessary whether Arc Flash Personal Protective Equipment needs to be worn.


The course will focus on giving personnel guidance on when arc flash PPE should be worn to protect themselves from potential arc flash hazard. The course is aimed at Electrical personnel that could be exposed to arc flash hazard at high and low voltage. This would typically include personnel carrying out maintenance and testing activities on electrical equipment such as Electricians and Electrical Engineers. When incident energy levels for equipment have not been calculated, electrical personnel should be able to assess whether arc flash PPE should be worn for any given activity, this training course gives them the knowledge to be able to make that assessment.

  • Primary hazards of electricity
  • Arc flash hazard
  • Shock hazard
  • What is an electric arc
  • Measuring arc flash
  • Legislation
  • Practical Arc flash risk assessment
  • How the process works

This course is intended to complement customers site circumstances and opportunity exists to modify the presentation to meet specific needs. Additional charges may apply.

This includes Course Notes and Attendance Certificate. This is an on-demand course. Please call our sales team for more details.

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