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Weeknight Mug Workshop

What You Get
2 mugs to fire / 1 sugar bowl / 2hr session with our tutor / all materials / firings & glazes

In this two hour workshop you will be guided through the press moulding technique to make a set of mugs. 

This is a great introduction to hand building with clay and is just enough time to gain an understanding of the material and make something you’ll be really proud of :)


We will provide you with moulds for your set of mugs.

You’ll be guided through the press moulding technique.

Once you have your mug out of the mould its time to let your creativity run free!

You can decide on what shaped handle you prefer and a texture or pattern to make your set uniquely yours.

To ensure a relaxing and rewarding experience for all, the classes are kept to a minimum, 8 people per class.

After the session you will leave your pieces with us and we will process them for you i.e glaze and fire in their kiln. We will dip your pieces in a beautiful snow white glaze. They should take about 3 weeks to process we will notify you by email when they are ready for collection.

If however you would prefer to come back to glaze your mugs yourself we can book you in on the day for our student glazing workshop which takes place once a month usually on a Saturday. We can discuss this in more detail and book you in on the day :) 

All tuition, materials, firings and glazes.

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