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Resilience is the process of adapting to challenges, stress, adversity, threats and trauma. In your work these are very real adaptations that must be accommodated. Our resilience programme helps staff to bounce back from difficult experiences, conversations, interactions and personal challenges.  The course gives practical skills and approaches to help you and your team be more effective within your work environment.

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Since 1998, Striding Edge has been providing engaging and brilliantly received courses, team building and facilitation. We are passionate about people, and we deliver training courses to the public sector primarily (NHS/local authority/education), as well as supporting our colleagues in the private sector.

Our team enjoy working with people and feel that, in training and learning, we can bring our natural passion to bear on our work.  People learn best when they are engaged and having fun, and we use a variety of methods to ensure that everyone both enjoys and succeeds in their learning goals.
Striding Edge Consultancy
United Kingdom
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