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LNG Trading and Hedging

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On-Site / Seminar
Ended last Mar 13, 2020
GBP  2,750.00



This is a comprehensive three day course providing practical and hands-on trading experience in the global LNG market.  It is split into two distinct parts with day one providing an Introduction to the fundamental aspects of LNG trading, giving an overview of the LNG value chain and LNG pricing mechanisms.  In addition, a look at the current supply and demand situation around key production and consuming areas and the flows of international trade takes place.  The first day concludes with a look at the future possibilities for LNG trade. Days two and three then look to bring the content to life as you play a series of LNG trading games using the simulator. This puts in to practice some of the delivered content, plus the further learning content interspersed through days 2 and 3. The course team are all ex-gas traders with a wealth of experience that they bring to both the theory and practice of this unique course experience.

  •   3 professional experts
  •   2 days of practical trading and hedging simulation exercises
  •   CPD Credits Awarded: 24
  •   Visits to Bloomberg, ICE Futures


The course is designed to give an overview of the LNG markets and the evolving trading and marketing business surrounding them. Attendees will come from all areas of the Natural Gas industry who wish to get a better understanding of the current situation and who wish to gain insights how these markets may evolve.


  • Gas Trading
  • Risk Management
  • Supply, Transport and Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Energy Purchasing
  • Management and Financial Accounting
  • Strategic Planning and Economics

Upon the completion of the course you will be issued a fully accredited International Industry Certificate of the IBH and ICE Futures


DAY 1 (Ed Stock)

Introduction to LNG

A brief review of natural gas and the key issues concerning production and consumption that influence the supply and demand of LNG.

LNG Value Chain

An overview of LNG project elements and the infrastructure within them, looking at the key issues of Liquefaction, Shipping, Regasification and the business models adopted by players to monetise the commodity and infrastructure.

LNG Pricing

Identification of the different global pricing mechanisms for LNG in relation to the key markets.  An understanding will be gained of the key indices used and why they are used as well as the ability to create netbacks and understand price drivers.

Contractual and Practical Elements of LNG Trade

An overview of key contract considerations used within the LNG industry and the practical limitations of LNG trade.

LNG Production, Consumption and trade flow

A review of the key production and consumption areas to identify the balance of international LNG trades. This will also identify the potential impact of new projects due to come on stream and the impact these will have on the future of LNG.

Future for LNG

A round up of the impact of the oversupply due to hit the LNG Market into the next decade with the potential opportunities that this creates.  This final section will also look at the potential changes to LNG trading that may develop in the global LNG market.

DAY 2: Simulation based

  • The trading process
    • Speculative trading
    • Hedging
    • Arbitrage
    • Trading discipline 
  • LNG Contracts and Negotiations
    • Types of contracts
    • Typical contract terms and conditions
    • Specific contract clauses 
  • LNG Pricing
    • Fixed prices, floating prices
    • Using hubs to price
  • Derivatives & Exchanges
    • What are derivatives
    • Types of derivative – futures, forwards, swaps
    • Use of derivatives

DAY 3: Simulation based

  • LNG Logistics
    • Timing of deliveries
    • Volume losses
    • The shipping market
    • Chartering vessels
  • Arbitrage
    • What is arbitrage
    • The process of arbitrage
  • Other LNG trading opportunities
    • Optionality at terminals
    • Reloading
    • LNG diversions
  • Hedging & Risk Management
    • Managing pricing of cargos
    • Managing fx exposure
    • Managing volume losses
    • Managing PNL



Chris Holmes was most recently Head of Gas Trading at JP Morgan and was involved in all aspects of the physical and derivative gas business from proprietary trading through to asset optimisation.

Prior to this he held the position of Head of Gas Trading at RBS Sempra. Chris began trading at BP and has a wealth of experience in physical gas storage and transport optimisation as well as an excellent understanding of embedded options, physical LNG trading and derivative experience.

DAMIAN FAULKNER, Commodity Trading Expert

Damian has over 15 years experience in the gas and power industry working for ExxonMobil, Enron and BP in a variety of back and front office roles.

During his time at BP, Damian was a Contract Manager for a large Power Station as well as the senior UK power trader, trading the prompt, curve and interconnector electricity markets, as well as the carbon emissions element of the clean spark spreads. Later moved on to trade the UK gas curve and finally the European gas curve covering France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands , Belgium and France.

Special Offer

 The course fee covers:

  • Participation at the course
  • Lunches and coffee-breaks during the programme
  • The course materials in hard copy and on USB device
  • Fully accredited an International Industry Certificate of the IBH and ICE Futures
  • Visa support (if needed)
  • Social proramme


  1. 5 nights Hotel accommodation at The Montcalm At Brewery London City ***** 
  2. Breakfasts at the Hotel

    For further information please contact IBH business administrator

    Polina Melnikova:

    Tel: +7499 404 3600 ext.104
    Office:+44 (0) 207 183 4507
    Fax:  +44 (0) 207 504 8225
    [email protected]


No. of Days: 3
Total Hours: 24
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