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Criminals successfully stole around £1.2 billion from UK businesses in 2018 alone. Therefore, it is essential that businesses ensure that their employees have a strong understanding of how best to prevent fraud and how to recognise fraudulent activity.

This online course covers what can be done to protect the workplace from fraud and helps users to understand and work towards compliance with the Fraud Act 2006.

The CPD Accredited course can be completed in 35 minutes and provides a printable certificate upon completion.


1. What is Fraud?
In this section, we give you an introduction to the basics of fraud.
2. Detecting Fraud
In this section, we teach you how to make yourself better aware of fraudsters and fraudulent activity.
3. Preventing Fraud
In this section, we look at 5 common principles of internal control.
4. External Fraud
Here we look at the importance of using software protection, and why it should be up-to-date.
5. Reporting Fraud
In the final section, we teach you how to report fraud and why it is beneficial to have a written Fraud Policy within your organisation.
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