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Add our Global Communication and Culture programme to help you develop your skills as a global citizen.

Why take our Global Communication and Culture (GCC) programme?

When you work, live or study abroad, you have to adapt to a new cultural environment. Our GCC programme improves your understanding of the people and cultures of the world, as well as your understanding of British culture, building global
competence and communication skills.

Learning outcomes:
• Increase your cultural self-awareness and understanding of others
• Interact more effectively with people of other nationalities
• Integrate more effectively during your time in the UK
• Develop your skills as a global citizen which can benefit you in your future studies, work and life
• Receive a recognised certificate for your CV or personal statement
• Be in a mixed nationality environment where you can discuss intercultural topics

How will I study?
Our Global Communication and Culture Programme can help you to grow as a global citizen and develop your intercultural awareness skills through a blended learning progamme. By using classroom lessons and a variety of online resources, students will be able to develop intercultural competence and deal with cultural adjustment. In class, your teacher will guide you to improve your communication skills by taking part in discussions and roleplays.

What topics will I study?
• Stereotypes and Generalisations
• Cultural Values
• Communication Styles
• Dealing with Conflict
• Navigating Cultures
• Intercultural Learning
• British Culture and Society


Sep 03, 2020 - Sep 03, 2021
Weekdays 08:45 AM — 12:00 PM
Fri 01:30 PM — 03:00 PM
Total Hours: 22
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Celtic English Academy is a friendly and welcoming English language centre in the beautiful capital of Wales. The Academy is accredited by the British Council and is also a member of English UK.

In order to aid progression and develop English skills as well as possible, we teach students in small groups with a maximum of 10 students, which means we can focus on their individual needs. 
Their classroom experience plus additional opportunities to practise the language helps them to acquire English both inside and outside the classroom. 

At Celtic English Academy we take care of our student's futures as English speakers. 
We'll be ready to greet you with our warm Welsh hospitality!
Celtic English Academy
18 Park Grove, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom CF10 3BN
+44 (0) 2920 344 805
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