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Afternoon General English

Afternoon General English Classes are available at all levels and are designed to meet the needs of learners in a variety of English language settings. Our aim is to increase your confidence and ability to use English in the real world.

Who is the Afternoon General English course for?

Our low-cost English classes in the afternoon could be the perfect choice if you want to:

  • Improve your day-to-day use of English for educational, professional or personal reasons.

  • Improve your level of English before, or at the same time as preparing for an exam.

  • Increase your range of grammar and vocabulary as well as your ability to communicate in English.

Afternoon General English Course Content

You will study a range of interesting topics and follow an integrated skills programme. This programme covers reading, writing, speaking and listening as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Our aim is to help you so that you improve in all of these areas. You will use a course book and we will give you this at the start of your course.

Intended learning outcomes: Afternoon General English

At the end of this course, you should have:

  • An extended range of vocabulary and grammar

  • Improved levels of fluency and confidence

  • The ability to communicate with improved accuracy and pronunciation

  • Improved speaking, reading, listening and writing skills and

  • A better understanding of English-speaking cultures.


Jan 04, 2022 - Dec 16, 2022
Weekdays 02:15 PM — 05:30 PM
Total Hours: 15
No. of Participants: 10
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Celtic English Academy is a friendly and welcoming English language centre in the beautiful capital of Wales. The Academy is accredited by the British Council and is also a member of English UK.

In order to aid progression and develop English skills as well as possible, we teach students in small groups with a maximum of 10 students, which means we can focus on their individual needs. 
Their classroom experience plus additional opportunities to practise the language helps them to acquire English both inside and outside the classroom. 

At Celtic English Academy we take care of our student's futures as English speakers. 
We'll be ready to greet you with our warm Welsh hospitality!
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