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Aim and Objectives

The Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act, 2015 has wide ranging implications for many professional sectors. This symposium will deal with the core concepts of the Act in terms of how it will affect practice and the mechanisms involved. The panel of expert speakers are from legal practice, academia and the HSE. 

The event will include an interactive panel discussion – a broad spectrum of stakeholders including representatives from the medical, legal and financial sectors will share their personal observations and insights on the challenges arising in practice. 

Topics and Issues to be Covered

  • ADM overview – background and heads of Act
  • Decision-Making Capacity, how it should be construed and assessed
  • Codes
  • Assisted Healthcare Directives (AHD’s)
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA’s)
  • The different support arrangements provided for in the Act (Assisted Decision Making, Co-decision making, Decision Making Representatives)
  • Overview of statutory role - the Decision Support Service to include the statutory functions of the Director
  • Challenges and potential solutions – the perspectives of relevant stakeholders in the legal, medical and financial sectors
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