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Italian and Spanish Coffee MeetUp

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Ended last Jun 08, 2019


Looking for an Italian and Spanish coffee meet up in London? Here we are!

Join us on the 8th June from 4pm to 6pm at Obicà to enjoy a great coffee and have a chat in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

You will meet lovely people to talk to and get some help from experienced teachers if needed.
The event is free, you will just buy your coffee once you arrive.

It sounds perfect, doesn't it?
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Happy Languages is founded in 2013. We are a team of professional language teachers who are highly qualified in language teaching and are enthusiastic about promoting our native languages worldwide.
Our teachers at Happy Languages are all native speakers of the languages you are interested in. As well as having more than five years of language teaching experience and professional teaching qualifications, our teachers also have different professional backgrounds.
These include Literature, Social Studies, Cinematography, Arts and Engineering. This experience allows us to tailor our lessons to meet different purposes of language learning. Constant on-the-job training ensures the qualifications and experience of our teachers to be up to date. So while helping you to develop your language skills, we are also improving ourselves alongside with you.

By adopting interactive teaching methods, as well as a fun and relaxing learning environment, Happy Languages aims to provide you with high quality learning trainings and an enjoyable language learning experience.
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