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Review Guidelines


Be courteous in stating your opinion. If you enjoyed the course, awesome; tell us what made it a great learning experience for you. If you were disappointed with or didn’t like something about the course, give an honest feedback without using curse words, insults or hateful speech.

Respect other people’s opinions. Do not attack, mock, or harass other reviewers who may have a different opinion on the course. It’s better to just agree to disagree.

Lastly, respect other people’s privacy. You can mention names in your review but, as a courtesy, we may remove last names upon request. You may not mention any other personal information about a person or entity without their consent or to post anything about them that is malicious, inappropriate or irrelevant to the course.


Inappropriate Content

Do not use offensive and inappropriate language, including but not limited to: profanity, obscene or vulgar language, hate speech or prejudiced comments, racial or ethnic slurs, hostile or threatening language, and personal insults.

We monitor and censor standard curse words, as well as crafty misspellings and acronyms of inappropriate words and phrases (you know we know it). Though we may still publishe reviews with minor censorships, we reserve the right to remove your review if we think you’ve crossed the line.



You may only review a course that you attended. You may not quote from another source (online or published material, other people’s review, etc.) or post a review based on mere hearsay.

Do not post derogatory comments about the instructor, training staff or another student especially if these comments are not relevant to the course review (offensive physical descriptions, political or religious criticisms, name-calling, etc.). If the instructor, staff or student did something inappropriate that affected the class, we may allow your review to be posted, subject to these guidelines.

Lastly, messages or comments regarding transactions or those intended for the SpeedyCourse staff must be submitted via Contact Us. We will remove these posts from the Reviews section.


Paid Reviews / Boost or Smear Campaigns

Do not post a review in exchange for payment, or only to participate in a boost or smear campaign for a course or provider.


Spam / Promotion / Illegal Content

Do not post commercial or self-promotional content or URL of any kind. Do not promote or seek help on illegal activities or post links to illegal or copyrighted materials. We reserve the right to reject any URL.

We have admins on board who work hard to make sure that the Reviews Section remains a nice, informative place for all members of our learning community. We may remove your review or even ban your account if we think that your review does not comply with these guidelines.

If you’re a Provider, please read our Provider Response Guidelines.


SpeedyCourse reserves the right to remove a review or provider response at any time or for any reason. It is at our sole discretion and no one else’s that we decide when a review or provider response is against our guidelines. The reviews and provider responses posted on SpeedyCourse are individual and highly subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in reviews and Provider responses are those of SpeedyCourse learners and providers, respectively. We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers or in provider responses. We are not affiliated with any provider or entity listed or reviewed on this web site..

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