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Posting Guidelines
To maintain the quality of learning information that we provide to learners who use SpeedyCourse, here are our Posting Guidelines:   With the current free posting period, you're allowed to post any number of courses. However, posting the same course multiple times to keep it at the top of the ...
Review Guidelines
Respect Be courteous in stating your opinion. If you enjoyed the course, awesome; tell us what made it a great learning experience for you. If you were disappointed with or didn’t like something about the course, give an honest feedback without using curse words, insults or hateful speech. Respect ...
Provider Response Guidelines
SpeedyCourse allows Providers or their representatives to respond to reviews about their courses. It’s a great way to interact with learners and show that you value their feedback. It’s also an opportunity to clarify misunderstandings or issues.Here are some guidelines on how to respond ...
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