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If you need to produce the quality prints that are suitable for exhibition and competition use or ensure that your prints are colour accurate then this workshop is for you. In this advanced workshop, you will get expert advice and knowledge from Master Printer, publisher and editor, Mike McNamee. Drawing on his knowledge and experience in the field of print reproduction, print-making and proofing, Mike will explain, in detail, the steps, tricks and tips needed to create the very highest quality print from your Epson printer.

The topics covered will include:

Colour Management

  • Initial image colour and colour management
  • Correction, including monitor and camera calibration
  • Ensuring that colour management is consistent across your whole workflow

Colour Accuracy and Reproduction

  • How to profile your camera
  • Additional steps to ensure colour accuracy

Undertstanding Media

  • An introduction to and look at the different papers and boards that are available
  • Choosing a paper and surface selection for maximum impact
  • How to soft proof your images for the media you use

Technical Preparation

  • Simple image scaling, setting trim lines and minimising paper wastage
  • Image Resolution, Printing Resolution, issues and advice
  • Pre-sharpening of RAW files
  • Sharpening for output (with specific examples, including the differences required for digitally projected images)

Preparing your printer

  • The Epson Print Driver, setting up printer colour management and profiles including the Epson Advanced Black & White driver
  • Understanding the limits of your printer and some work arounds

Using your printer

  • How to print on canvas, board and fine art paper

Print Examination

  • How to critically assess your printed output
  • Viewing Lights
  • Test targets and how to use them

Presenting your work

  • Key-lining, bordering and titling prints
  • Choosing Mounts
  • Signing and presenting your work
  • A few words on archivability

No prior knowledge of Epson printers is required but the choices will be discussed and demonstrated in some detail. If you already own a printer, you will be shown how to squeeze every last drop of quality out of it!

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