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EASA regulations require that a CRM trainer should have followed a theoretical human performance and limitations (HPL) course.* This course delivers the HPL elements required to meet EASA requirements for CRM trainers.

This course is ideal for flight deck crew who will be CRM Trainers but did not complete an HPL course as part of their ATPL training or those who require HPL refresher training. The course is equally suitable for cabin crew who will be CRM trainers to provide the background understanding of HPL and to fulfil the EASA requirement for CRM Trainers HPL training.

CRM HPL Training

  • HPL training for flight deck and cabin crew CRM trainers
  • Scheduled courses at GAT UK training centre
  • In-company courses also available at your location


    • Background to HPL
    • SHEL model
    • Conceptual model of human factors
Circulatory & Oxygen
    • Blood donation
    • Factors which inhibit oxygen carriage
    • Cabin pressurisation/depressurisation
    • Hypoxia
    • Hyperventilation
Sensory System
  • Vestibular system
  • Balance and orientation
  • Vestibular and samatogravic illusions
  • Motion sickness
  • The visual system, visual illusions
Flying & Health
  • Barotrauma
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs and self medication
  • Stress
Information Processing
    • Processing information
    • Attention
    • Perception
    • Memory
Personality & Behaviour
    • Personality, attitude and behaviour
    • Styles and characteristics
    • Interaction and factors affecting the group/team
Additional topics
  • Additional topics are covered in CRMT course
  • Communication
  • Work load
  • Decision making
  • Human Error
  • Sleep and Fatigue
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