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A two day non-residential course

Designed for purchasing personnel with existing or potential responsibility for the purchase of capital equipment, the course is also suitable for project engineers, manufacturing managers and other personnel concerned with the purchase of capital equipment.


This is a specialist course that gives delegates an in-depth examination of the techniques required to gain better value for money, reduce risk, identify whole-life costs, maintain delivery commitments and installation obligations and ensure in-service support.


Nature of Purchasing Capital Equipment

Differences to other types of Procurement / Capital Expenditure / Operational or Revenue Expenditure / Reducing Friction between Functions / Team Approach / Clarification of Responsibilities / Capital Expenditure Policy Statement. 

The RFQ/Enquiry Package

Main Elements / Specification / Performance / Sourcing Capital Equipment Suppliers / Supplier Selection / International Standards / Non-Disclosure and Pre-Tender Documentation / Tendering / Developing Competition.

Terms and Conditions

Key Terms / Interim and Part Payments / Transfer of Property / Transfer of Risk / Price Variation / Delivery / Time of the Essence / Performance / Acceptance Criteria / Guarantees / Dispute Resolution.

Contract Price Adjustments Formulae

Review of Standard Example Formula / BEAMA Clause / Deriving your own Formula / Worked Examples. 

Progressing Delivery

Payment for Progress / Monitor and Control of Delivery / Gantt Charts / Manufacturing Programmes / Critical Path Analysis / Supplier Visits / Third Party Arrangements. 

CapEx Check Lists

27 Check Lists are provided including: Scope of Work / Off-loading and Storage / Insurance / Delivery / Site Facilities / Safety & Environmental / Installation & Commissioning / Operator Training / Maintenance Arrangements / Provision of Spare Parts/ Intellectual Property / Law & Jurisdiction / Termination.

CapEx Contract Management Forms

Request to Invite Tenders / Contract Placement Authorisation / Contract Memorandum / Site Order Form / Variation Order Form / Contract Change Request / Certificate of Provisional Acceptance / Certificate of Final Acceptance / Contract Completion Report. 

Capital Investment Appraisal

Basic Approaches / Payback / Accounting Rate of Return / Net Present Value / Discounted Cash Flow. 

Case Study

Extensive use is made of a ‘real-life’ capital purchase case study to provide practical, hands-on training.

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