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Aim: This course is designed to develop the skill level and knowledge requirted to qualify for the Traditional Basic Hard Metal Craft which develops more intricate hard metal skills for the experienced hard metal worker.

Objective: The practical training of the course is 5 day's duration and on siccessful completion of the training & assessment, will allow the candidate to enrol on to the Intermediate course run by the LSTA.  A certificate of competence will be issued and presented to the successful candidate with both the LSTA & City & Guilds endorsement.

Assessment method & criteria: Assessment will be by practical workshop simulation, all work is assessed & marked against the criteria provided on the task sheets.

Delivery method:
Delivery of the course is by workshop demonstration followed by practical training and assessment by the candidate.  There is a formal procedure involving counselling, assessment and verification whereby a protfolio of evidence is accumulated for examination by an assessor.


Dog ear corner
Soldered Joints
External corner soldered
Stabding seam welted end
Saddle piece
Dog tooth end
Swept end

Pinched seam
Swept abutment
Welted verge
Neoprene expansion joint
Double lock welt
Single lock welt
Riveted joint
Eaves apron trim


Simon Wood - Training Manager
Paul Brewer - Trainer
Sean Benwell - Trainer
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