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Maths with Mark

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On-Site / Short Course
Jan 18, 2021 - May 05, 2021
GBP  265.00


Maths GCSE is one of the most important qualifications a child can gain in their academic career. It is used as a springboard into various prestigious universities and professions and can unlock numerous opportunities in later life. On the flip side, failure to attain a top grade can lead to severe restrictions on what students can achieve. It can greatly limit opportunity and shut off access to many jobs and universities.

Traditional tutoring is highly effective, however it is also expensive and isn’t accessible to all. That’s why we’ve created a course that mirrors the best attributes of tutoring at a fraction of the cost.

The Maths with Mark: ‘GCSE Mastery’ course provides live, interactive lessons with the opportunity for students to get direct feedback from the lead tutor. We supply students with worksheets for self-study each week, as well as detailed solution sheets which break down how each answer is reached.

The course is run by Mark Maclaine, one of the most highly acclaimed educators worldwide. He has been labeled a “super tutor” by a host of national newspapers and regularly teaches the children of royalty and celebrities.

Mark wasn’t a natural mathematician, and in fact, didn’t even enjoy Maths during school. However, over the past 20 years, he has developed a set of methods and insights that enable any student to succeed in their studies. Not only does Mark help students achieve exam success, but he also ignites a passion for the subject with many continuing to study Maths at a higher level.

The course is composed of 32 lessons, each covering a different topic of the Maths GCSE syllabus. It sits alongside learning delivered in schools, helping students to unlock a top grade (7 - 9).


Lesson 1 - Basic Algebra
Lesson 2 - Pythagoras (2D & 3D)
Lesson 3 - Factors and Multiples
Lesson 4 - Area, Perimeter & 3D Shapes
Lesson 5 - Linear Equations & Harder Quadratics
Lesson 6 - Linear Graphs
Lesson 7 - Powers
Lesson 8 - Venn Diagrams & Set Notations
Lesson 9 - Fractions 
Lesson 10 - Probability of dependent and independent events
Lesson 11 - Quadratic formula & completing the square
Lesson 12 - Trigonometry and further trigonometry
Lesson 13 - Simultaneous Equations
Lesson 14 - Angles in parallel lines & Polygons
Lesson 15 - Surds & Roots
Lesson 16 - Circle Theorems & Equation of a Circle
Lesson 17 - Fractions Decimal & Percentages
Lesson 18 - Statistics
Lesson 19 - Ratio & Proportion
Lesson 20 - Graphs & Transformations
Lesson 21 - Standard Form
Lesson 22 - Inequalities (Linear & Quadratic)
Lesson 23 - Rounding, Estimation & Limits of Accuracy
Lesson 24 - Functions (composite & inverse)
Lesson 25 - Transformations 
Lesson 26 - Velocity-time graphs & gradient
Lesson 27 - Similar Shapes
Lesson 28 - Constructions & Loci, Plans & Elevation
Lesson 29 - Sequences
Lesson 30 - Vectors
Lesson 31 - Algebraic proof & Iteration
Lesson 32 - Calculus & differentiation


Mark Maclaine is one of the most highly sought after tutors in the world, counting celebrities and royalty among his distinguished client base. He has been featured in a host of national papers for his feats in education.

To share his knowledge in a way that is accessible to all, he set up the Maths with Mark GCSE Mastery course, aimed at helping students achieve a top grade in their Maths GCSE.

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Sign up before January 18th for an early bird offer of £225 for the whole course. That's just £7.03 per session!


Jan 18, 2021 - May 05, 2021
Mon, Wed 05:00 PM — 06:15 PM
No. of Days: 32
Total Hours: 40
No. of Participants: 40
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