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Are you looking to begin your functional skills English career or want to develop underpinning skills and credentials in functional English that opens your door to a wide range of career opportunities?

This extensive functional skills English level 2 course will set you up with a rigid foundation and practice to become confident in English and help you to develop your expertise in functional skills English. The Education and Training Foundation conducted research and came to the conclusion that 47% of larger employers know about Functional Skills and 87% of them value these courses for their approach to applied skills, flexible assessment and problem solving.

If you have a mediocre score at the GCSE or lack the confidence to communicate in English that is required for any career prospect, this functional skills english level 2 course will train you with the fundamentals of smart communication and will glorify your abilities to fit into any sector you apply to.

This Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills English Level 2 is equivalent to the GCSE, Nationally Recognised Qualifications, regulated by Ofqual, and based on Department for Education (DfE) approved subject content.

Functional Skills qualifications provide reliable evidence of a learner’s achievements against demanding content that is relevant to the workplace. Functional Skills English Level 2 provide a foundation for progression to employment and further technical education, and they help learners to develop skills for everyday life. In some contexts, Functional Skills qualifications will also play a part in the government’s accountability systems.

Upon successful completion of this functional skills English level 2 course you will be able to effectively communicate in English with ease. In addition to that, you will be eligible to sit for the official exam and upon successfully completion of the exam you will attain a certificate that will add a value to your career profile.

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